Livingston’s Conservative Leadership

Compare Livingston County with three neighboring counties. Livingston is one of the most conservative counties in Michigan. In contrast, Ingham, Washtenaw, and Genesee are among the most progressive.

This comparison takes into consideration taxes, crime, and healthy community scores. Livingston comes out on top in all categories.

County Governance
Each county’s Board of Commissioners was used as a measure of each county’s degree of conservatism. Livingston County’s board is comprised of 9 Republicans and 0 Democrats. Genesee County has 1 Republican and 8 Democrats, Ingham County has 4 Republicans and 12 Democrats, and Washtenaw has 0 Republicans and 9 Democrats.

County Scorecard

CountyProperty Tax MillageCrime GradeHealthy County Rank


  • Livingston County has the lowest county property tax rate in Michigan. Our progressive neighboring counties assess approximately 2 to 3 times more in county property taxes.
  • The highest possible Crime Grade is an A+, the lowest possible Crime Grade is an F.
  • The Healthy County Rank is shown for the State of Michigan. There are 83 counties in Michigan. Also, Livingston County ranks 153rd nationally out of 3,143 counties. This places our county in the top 5% nationally.

(Data sources: Property Tax Millage from State of Michigan L4029 tax form, Crime Grade from, and Healthy County Rank from US News and World Report Healthy Community Ranking. All data was updated on 8/11/2023.)

With our conservative values, Livingston County clearly exceeds the performance of our progressive neighbors. Livingston County delivers the lowest crime rate and the best healthy community ranking while maintaining the lowest tax rate.

As I stated in the 2023 State of the County Address, “I ran for office to deliver effective and efficient government without impeding your ability to achieve your American Dream.”

My Republican colleagues and I will continue to focus on the things that matter the most to the citizens of our county.

(In contrast, Democrats have different policy priorities for our county. For example, in the 2022 election, my Democrat opponent ran on “Drag Queen Bingo.” Click here to view my opponents campaign literature, and here to read about her passion for “Drag Queen Bingo.”)