Wes Nakagiri

Livingston County Commissioner 

At its July 15, 2019 meeting, the Livingston County Board of Commissioners voted 7 to 1 in favor of a resolution I submitted. By supporting Resolution 2019-07-104 by a nearly unanimous margin, the Livingston County Board of Commissioners sent a clear message that we believe voters deserve as much information as possible about those who are running for elected office.

My resolution opposed a change to election law that would prevent candidates for County offices from disclosing their party affiliation on ballots provided to voters. If this change were to be enacted, party affiliation would no longer be available to voters to help them select a candidate who best shares their values. Citizens who have traditionally relied on knowing the candidate’s political party (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Independent, etc) would have been denied this key bit of information as they cast their vote.