Wes Nakagiri

Livingston County Commissioner, District 3

COVID Rates Calculated for Every Michigan County

covid by county 1200Wx630HCOVID rates were calculated for every Michigan county. The number of COVID cases were equalized to account for population differences in each county. The data are displayed as the number of COVID cases per one million population. The highest COVID rate is 14,383, while the lowest is 0. The statewide average is 4,403.

The data was also examined by political affiliation to answer the question: Is there a difference in COVID rates for counties that voted for Trump in 2016 versus counties that voted for Hillary in 2016?

County Data

covid by county 677Wx1978HThe Michigan Department of Health and Human Services publishes COVID data on its website. With respect to individual counties, the MDHHS reports total COVID cases and deaths.

In addition to all of the 83 counties, data is also published for the City of Detroit. Data for Wayne County excludes the City of Detroit. COVID statistics for all of Wayne County (which excludes Detroit) can be calculated by combining Wayne County with the City of Detroit.

It is interesting to note that Detroit has, by far and away, the highest COVID rate in the state with 14,343 cases per one million population. The next highest COVIS rates are located in the counties of Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland. Their rates are 7562, 6817, and 6086 respectively.

With respect to reported deaths, the top four jurisdictions are Detroit City, Wayne County, Oakland County, and Macomb County with 1154, 874, 805, and 682 deaths respectively. Please note that these statistics are actual deaths, they are not deaths per one million population.

Red Counties vs. Blue Counties

The data were examined to see if there were any differences between red counties and blue counties. A red county is defined as a county that voted for President Trump in 2016. A blue county is defined as a county that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

There is a total of 83 counties in Michigan. In 2016, 74 counties voted for President Trump while 9 counties voted for Hillary Clinton.

COVID rate

Red Counties: 2607 cases per one million population
Blue Counties: 6520 cases per one million population

The COVID rate in Blue Counties is 2.5 times higher than Red Counties

Reported Deaths

Red Counties: 1144 total deaths
Blue Counties: 3196 total deaths

The number of reported deaths is in Blue Counties is 2.8 times higher than Red Counties

It is obvious that COVID rates are much higher in Blue Counties than in Red Counties. To better protect citizens while being fair to all, should Governor Whitmer consider an extended and more rigorous lockdown in Blue Counties?