Wes Nakagiri

Livingston County Commissioner, District 3

Whitmer Economic Justice 1200Wx630HGovernor Whitmer’s hand-picked team of economic advisors leaves out small business owners. Her Business Advisory Group of the Michigan Economic Recovery Council (MERC) includes leaders of 12 private-sector businesses, having average annual revenues of $21.6 billion.

Her team conspicuously leaves out small business owners who have been most affected by her unending and unfair COVID lockdown. While big business has also suffered at her hands, it is a mystery as to why leaders of devastated small businesses were denied seats at her table. 

Does the Governor truly believe that large multi-national corporations share the same needs and concerns as barbershops and other small businesses? While the big guys will suffer a loss of revenue, the little guys will suffer a loss of their livelihood.

In a further tilt toward her corporate backers, Governor Whitmer has given the go-ahead for big car companies to re-start their assembly plants as her COVID policies continue to strangle small businesses.

As she continues her mantra of stay home, stay safe, she permits a restart of massive labor-intensive operations located in the worst COVID areas in Michigan. Really? Allowing the restart of crowded assembly plants located in the highest COVID areas in Michigan?  Her decision is the height of health care hypocrisy. It appears that COVID safety matters only if you are a little guy with few resources to fight back against her government stranglehold.

If it is safe to restart car assembly plants located in densely populated urban areas, then it is certainly safe to open a barbershop in rural Michigan.

Are her actions just a grievous oversight or a calculated maneuver to give higher priority to the politically-connected with deeper pockets? Well, whatever the case may be, the outcome is still the same. Her COVID policies are unfair and are strangling small businesses.

So much for the Democrats looking out for the little guy.


Companies in Governor Whitmer’s Business Advisory Group and MERC Briefing slides