Wes Nakagiri

Livingston County Commissioner, District 3

Here is a real-life example showing the flawed thinking behind Governor Whitmer’s COVID policy.

I traveled to Ohio to enjoy an afternoon with my wife in a free state. We had lunch at a restaurant in Lucas County, just south of the Michigan-Ohio border.

While dining I used my smartphone to compare COVID statistics for Lucas County, Ohio vs. Livingston County, Michigan, my home. I found a great website published by the Heritage Foundation. This website has an interactive map with COVID statistics for every county in all 50 states.

I used the Heritage map to answer the question, is my risk of contracting COVID higher in Livingston County, Michigan, or Lucas County, Ohio?

According to the Heritage statistics, Livingston County has a lower COVID rate than Lucas County. Livingston has a rate of 0.20% of the population while Lucas has a 0.47% rate. Expressed another way, Lucas County has a COVID rate that is 2.35 times that of Livingston County.

Another look at the data also indicates that one would be better off dining in Livingston County than Lucas County. It is informative to compare COVID rates over the most recent 5-day period, from May 16 to May 20. The number of new cases per 100,000 population is 3.1 for Livingston County and 25.7 for Lucas County. In other words, the recent 5-day COVID rate for Lucas County is 8.29 times higher than Livingston County.

The risk of contracting and spreading COVID would be greatly reduced if Governor Whitmer allowed Livingston County citizens to dine locally, rather than forcing them to travel to higher-risk locations. Dining locally keeps us healthier and provides jobs for our citizens.




date county COVID cases population total cases as % of population U.S. rank people per sq. mi. density category 14-day daily change in new cases trend
20-May Livingston 387 191,995 0.20% 968 338 medium -0.14 declining
20-May Lucas 2021 428,438 0.47% 402 1266 high -1.93 declining


date county new COVID cases the last 5 days population new cases per 100k population
20-May Livingston 6 191,995 3.1
20-May Lucas 110 428,438 25.7