Local Services

The Livingston County Department of Veterans’ Services is dedicated to providing services and programs to the 12,300 veterans residing in Livingston County. Services include:

  • Assistance in navigating the claims filing process with the Federal Government for injuries or illness, federal death benefits, and survivor benefits.
  • Case management and ongoing support for VA benefits recipients.
  • Filing and processing of Livingston County burial allowance claims.
  • Financial assistance for indigent veterans and their dependents for anything from food and gas to home repairs.
  • Transportation for mobility impaired patients to get to their medical appointments such as dialysis and out-patient surgery.
  • Substantially increase outreach to Livingston County Veterans including education of what benefits are available and helping veterans access benefits earned by their service
  • Provide funding for the creation and assistance of mental health services.
  • Connect veterans with a Veterans Career Advisor.
  • Provided funding for the addition of a Court Coordinator for the Veterans Treatment Court.
  • Increase the number of Drivers from 1 part-time staff to 2 part-time staff.
  • Update IT infrastructure.
  • Expand transportation service.

The Livingston County Veterans Services Department assists veterans and their families with obtaining the services they have qualified for.